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The Forge was founded by Grace Smith, athlete, coach, and personal trainer. The surname “Smith” originates from the trade Blacksmith, where metal is forged from its original form into something new and unique. The Forge was founded to be a different kind of personal training, with genuine, individual attention to your unique goals and lifestyle. Let Grace help forge your fitness, mind and body, to help mould you into the very best version of yourself.

Grace is a qualified Fitness Instructor and British and Irish Weightlifting Coach. Grace lost over 100lbs in 2013 by herself by building a sustainable approach to fitness and diet, without the use of supplements or miracle pills. After turning her body and life around, she went on to be come a competitive CrossFit and Weightlifting athlete. Grace is using her unique experiences and knowledge to help others forge their path to fitness.

My Story

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.


Without relying on fad diets or ‘miracle pills’, I learned how to manage my diet, and approach fitness to lose 100lbs and 7 dress sizes, on my own, in 12mths.

I developed a passion for nutrition and fitness and I am now focused on helping others accomplish their fitness goals and improving their lives completely.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”


With the necessary changes to my diet, I also discovered fitness and strength training and how to work to transform my body, and those of my clients!

Fitness has given me a new outlook on life, and I now focus all my energy and passion on helping other people achieve their fitness and health related goals.

“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”


Beyond personal fitness, I took this passion to the next level to become a competitive CrossFit and Weightlifting athlete, winning multiple competitions.

After competing in these areas for some years, I decided to switch the focus from myself, to improving the fitness and general health of others.

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”


As a certified Weightlifting Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach, and Nutrition Coach, I know how to work and train people from all backgrounds and abilities.

My experiences as someone who turned their life around to become an athlete, mean I can help you reach the next level with methods that get results.

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”


With the creation of The Forge – Personal Training, I bring my experience, knowledge, and passion to you, to help you transform your life and body.

I am dedicated to the success of my clients, with daily and weekly support and feedback on any aspect of your health, from fitness to diet.


Personal Training

I will challenge you to reach the next step in your life and fitness, encouraging you that you can get there. I know how to guide you toward the results you crave and reach the goals we’ll set together.

Online Programming

The support offered at The Forge does not stop at the door. With online programming, you’ll receive a personalised training and diet plan you can use in the comfort of your own home, tailored to you.


My personal experience in losing 100lbs means I am one of the few PT’s that has walked in your shoes! Using my unique background, I have developed a method to help you conquer your weight.

Nutrition Guidance

Beyond the physical aspect of losing weight, understanding how you eat and what to eat is just as important and educating you to eat in a healthy, sustainable way, is a part of the support provided at The Forge.

Private Studio

With the creation of my private PT studio, you receive the high quality coaching you’re looking for from a trainer who is passionate about you, and has been exactly where you are and will never judge.


When working with me, you’ll receive a programme to follow at home with minimal equipment. All activities are tailored to you, your goals and your lifestyle, and I am here for each step of your journey.

I feel fitter and stronger!

“I have been part of the forge for just over 5 weeks and I’ve lost 15lbs. I know for a fact I couldn’t have achieved this without Grace. I feel fitter, healthier and better in general since joining the forge team. I know that with Grace’s support and coaching I will make my target weight and continue to improve my fitness!”

Natasha Stewart

Forge Personal Training Works!

“Grace has geared my training sessions for me and the nutrition guidance and help she provides is amazing. My muscle tone has improved immensely along with my fitness levels. I would recommend Forge PT to anyone who wants to change and improve their health and fitness lifestyle. It’s challenging but I just love it!”

Amanda Campbell

Excellent Nutrition Advice

“Regardless of existing medical conditions, Grace will work with you and push you to achieve results. As someone who suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Hyper-mobility Syndrome, Grace has provided excellent nutritional information to help me achieve my goals.”

Nadine Walker


Even though The Forge is One-to-One Personal Training, we love community get-togethers, and team events, building a strong community that helps support one another! If you want to make your own leap to a fit life, envision yourself as one of the Forge Team, who have reached their goals, and it just took one call or email to begin their journey. Is it time you started yours?

The hardest step is making the decision to start!

Personal Training in a private studio from a Coach who has lost over 100lbs to change my life and knows how to guide you toward the results you crave, and reach the goals we’ll set together.

Want to learn from someone who successfully lost over 100lbs in 12 months? Now you can! My new book ‘100 Recipes that helped me lose 100lbs’ includes my own secret guidelines on losing weight and keeping it off, along with 100 delicious and tasty recipes that will help people live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Have a busy home life, with a career and family? You’re not alone. Join our 12 Week Challenge starting September 2018! A proven, results driven program you can follow at home, with personalised workouts, weekly support and nutrition guidance to help you reach your goals!


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