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The little story behind my PT name…

My surname “Smith” originates from the trade Blacksmith, where metal is forged from its original form into something new and unique. The Blacksmith was at the heart of every country village and was very often thought of as a magician, due mostly to his mastery of iron working and the ability to understand the materials he was working with.

Many Blacksmiths used a small forge, as it enabled higher production quantity, heated the furnace quicker, and wasted less space. Just like the Forges from bygone eras, The Forge Personal Training is a small facility, but there’s no wasted space, and you will heat up very quickly once your training session begins!

The essence of blacksmithing is not so much strength as control.  Yes, you need to hit objects hard, but the real trick is to hit the metal where you want, as hard as you want, as accurately as you want.  At The Forge Personal Training I also believe in accuracy over brute force, working on your movement pattern and honing technique, to ensure we improve your all round health.

There is a Zen-like beauty to having that sort of power and at the same time, that sort of control.  Like everything worthwhile, it comes with time and practice….Just like health and fitness! Losing weight and gaining muscle do not happen overnight, it takes time, just like Blacksmithing.

At the Forge there are no mistakes Unlike wood, where you can cut it three times and it’s still too short, metal is recyclable. If a piece is botched, wait and give it another chance. You might not hit that Squat PB today, or only complete 5 rounds instead of 6 in a workout, but you can never fail when you train at The Forge. There is always tomorrow, always another goal to aim for, a new challenge to conquer.

In history the Blacksmith often fought and died to protect their craft, and I will fight for you in every step of your journey.

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