3 Mobility Tips for Office Workers

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Chair. Desk. Computer. 8 Hours…..

Does that sound like your working day? You’re sitting for long periods hunched over, with your hips flexed, back slightly bent and shoulders rolled forward. Over time this plays havoc with your posture, leading to tightness, inflexibility and eventually pain in your back, hips and more.

These three exercises can be done at the office (in your break) or at home before and after work. Less than 5 minutes a day can help pull you back into alignment, loosen tight muscles and improve your posture.

Sitting at a desk all day gives us tight hips, shoulders and thoracic spine, the Thoracic Bridge addresses shoulder, thoracic and hip stability and is the best mobility exercise you can do in just a few minutes! If you’re finding the standard thoracic bridge tough to do, then try one of the Bridge Progressions to work up to that point.

Undo a day’s worth of sitting by doing this for 60 seconds at your desk, a few times a day. The Elevated Pigeon Stretch opens up your hips, which can help fix lower back pain and improve your performance on exercises like squats and deadlifts. Find a table, desk or bench and perform this stretch anywhere!

A fantastic way to correct poor shoulder mobility and posture, this mobility drill focuses on proper spinal alignment, as well as upward rotation of the shoulder blades. It works not only the scapular retractors, but also the lower traps which tend to be woefully weak in just about everyone. Pro Tip: Squeeze your glutes (aka your buttcheeks) to prevent lumbar extension.

Start with just 5 minutes a day of these three exercises and then come back and comment on how great you feel in a week!


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