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I’m excited to share Forge Client Tashas story on her journey since joining my ‘Forge A New Body’ online challenge, just 5 weeks ago, and the incredible results she’s achieved!

“My gradual weight gain started when I began working full time after university, I didn’t have the same time to devote to my personal fitness and I had no motivation to go for my usual run at the end of the day. I contacted Grace to help me change and Grace designed a programme that suited my lifestyle. The workouts themselves are challenging but doable and you will definitely find yourself improving from week to week. Whereas before I couldn’t find the motivation to complete any exercise, I now look forward to seeing what Grace has come up with for me that week.

In terms of how to eat I won’t say that Grace enforces a diet, she doesn’t, there are food guidelines in the programme but there is not really calorie counting involved. We are guided towards the foods that are best for us and what should be avoided, in this respect its more of a lifestyle change than a diet. I have been following the food guidelines now for 5 weeks and can say cutting out all of the processed foods from my diet and eating the right nutrients has really increased my energy levels, I feel so much better now that I’m not eating unhealthy foods. I also believe that eating the right balance of foods gives me more energy for my workouts.

At the minute I have been part of the forge for just over 5 weeks and I’ve lost 15lbs. I know for a fact I couldn’t have achieved this without Grace. I feel fitter, healthier and better in general since joining the forge team. I know that with Grace’s support and coaching I will make my target weight and continue to improve my fitness.”

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