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…and yes I always look like that when I lift!

I have this one client (she’ll recognise herself when she reads this and have a little chuckle) who spent our first few PT sessions asking me “When are we doing cardio?”

At The Forge we combine Strength with Metabolic Conditioning, it builds fast-twitch muscle fibres, increases metabolism, encourages fat loss and build muscles. What’s not to like?!

Traditional Cardio only uses one energy pathway meaning your body adapts quickly to it, so you have to work harder to get results, it impairs muscle building, and is not sport specific. So if you’re on the running machine….you’re only getting better at running on a running machine. Good long term plan for health and fitness? In my opinion, no.

So let’s have a fun comparison of Cardio v Conditioning, courtesy of our friends at Testosterone Nation:

  • Conditioning prepares you for battle. Cardio makes you really good at running slowly away.
  • Conditioning fires up the metabolism. Cardio extinguishes it over time.
  • Conditioning makes you lean and hard. Cardio makes you small and soft.
  • Conditioning makes you better at any physical activity. Cardio makes you good at cardio.
  • Conditioning is fun. Cardio is fun when it’s over.

So am I saying cardio is bad? No. It has its place. The problem lies in people not understanding the difference between cardio and conditioning and then wondering why they haven’t reached their goal.

Remember that client that asked about Cardio? She’s over a stone lighter since joining 5 weeks ago and we haven’t done Cardio once!

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