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Working towards your fitness goals should never just be about aesthetics, and never at the expense of the most important physical attributes, health and mobility.

However all too often I’ve either witnessed or been told by clients of Personal Trainers who have no knowledge of functional movement patterns, no interest in your posture and set no time aside in their PT sessions for mobility work….and that’s unacceptable if you’re paying for a premium service like 1-1 Personal Training.

Throwing in some random stretches at the start and end of a training session is not mobility work, it’s personal training by numbers. However it’s hard to blame the PT themselves because mobility and functional movement is not taught within general Fitness and PT Qualifications. As a PT you must seek out that knowledge for yourself, and want to invest time, resources (and money) on developing an understanding of how our bodies move and function.

I personally believe that mainstream personal training is over-focused on aesthetics and quick fixes, and under-focused on making you move better. Lose 7lbs in a week by any means necessary, achieve rock hard abs, but very few talk about the fundamentals of movement; you can lift 80kg but you can’t touch your toes…you’re just setting yourself up for injury and poor mechanics in later life.

I can help you lose weight and get strong, but I also want to see you move and feel better, I want you to be strong, and pain-free, and for that I need to assess and restore your full movement capacity.

First I look at what areas of your body require the most mobility work, and this is why every new Forge member has a functional assessment, this is done over 3 PT sessions. I don’t get a projector and slides out and bore you with pie charts about mobility, but I do talk about the movements I need to see early in our partnership together, so I can program your mobility into each session.

So what is an assessment?

Well it’s a set of mobility drills designed to find where you’re restricted in your body, this is the start of my knowledge of your personal mobility profile. Only once I have identified these limiters can I being work on your training program.

Or perform a mechanically sound squat? Most people can’t. But that’s OK, that’s where I come in! If you would like a Free PT Session where we can go over your movement and your goals, then book in now! Just hit the button below to get in touch.


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