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I’m excited to share Forge Client Ashleys story on her journey since joining The Forge, just 4 weeks ago, and the incredible results she’s achieved!

“Even in the short time I have started with Grace my eating has changed considerably. Gone are my regular visits to the chippy nearly 3 times a week and if you seen my fridge now you wouldn’t believe it! It’s a staple of fage yogurt, berries, peppers, mushrooms, spinach (of course!) eggs and sweet potatoes. Its amazing how creative you can be with just these items in your fridge.  

Also, I love the fact Grace sends us regular emails with training and nutrition tips and tricks and recipes to keep us motivated, the snicker dates are a winner for me!  

Grace has been fantastic at realising what each individuals motivation is, with me its numbers, if Grace says do 20 reps, I’ll make sure I reach 20!Although unfortunately when she did catch onto this she liked to add 2 more on (thanks Coach!)

I really enjoy my training sessions with Grace, I’ve never done the same thing twice and look forward going each week to see what’s new for me. Grace is able to identify where my weaknesses are and how to improve these, whether that’s strength or mobility, and already within a month of attending I am shrinking! My workmates are noticing me getting smaller and when I was able to fit into a pair of jeans that I couldn’t even get up over my hips before it really made me feel good.

I am eating better and so are my kids which is a plus for teenagers and I am exercising with Grace’s encouragement!  Loving my time with Forge Personal Training and Coach Grace!”

New Forge member Ashley Scott has been a client just over a month, has lost a dress size and turned around not just her eating habits but those of her kids….that’s something money can’t buy folks!


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