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Looking for a satisfying but healthy snack on-the-go? Then Protein Balls are exactly what you need, these little energy bites combine protein and healthy fats for a balanced snack pre/post training and if your sweet tooth strikes. All of the ingredients store well, so you can make a batch at the start of the week and store them for when you need.

I’m still surprised when I meet new folks and they haven’t heard of Protein Balls! So I’ve made it my mission to bring more Energy Protein balls to the world!

Protein balls are one of the most versatile snacks. Whether you’re trying to stave off hunger and cravings after a workout, satisfy a late-night sweet tooth, or just add a little more protein into your diet, these make for the perfect healthy snack.

Quick and easy to make, just one bowl and no baking, packed with protein and they even freeze!


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