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Ready to change your life? Book your Private 1-1 Personal Training session in Ballymoney, with Coach Grace using our calendar below. You can book up to 4 weeks in advance now, to secure your favoured day and time. If you’re not already registered you will need to register your details, once registered you will never have to login again. For any questions please scroll down to our FAQ or contact Grace using our Contact Form.

Visit The Forge Member Link and click on ‘Save to Home Screen’ on iOS or Android. This will save the Forge App to your homescreen. You can now manage your membership, book your PT sessions, access the latest news, purchase supplements and lots more.

Open the Forge link on your phone and then bookmark it to easily book your sessions.

Single Sessions @ £25

Improve your fitness and confidence through personal training, feel empowered, body-confident and embrace life! For people who want to lose weight and boost body confidence, for better posture and decreased stress levels.

4 PT’s @ just £22.50 – £90!

Short on time but want to commit to changing your body and lifestyle? The Kick Start programme is perfect for you. You can succeed in transforming your body, without being self-conscious or uncomfortable, with a personalised training programme that accommodates your lifestyle.

With nutrition guidance, sample meal plans and advice and support, Coach Grace will equip you with the knowledge required to redefine your fitness goals and become confident with your body.

8 PT’s @ £21.25 per session – £170! Our most Popular Package!

Combining proven strength training techniques, a personalised training program, nutrition guidance, and support and guidance from Coach Grace, using a varied but structured approach, your goals are attainable!

Your body will be continually challenged through a combination of HIIT (high intensity interval training), resistance, circuit and cardiovascular training modules. This varied but structured programme is then tailored to your own specific fitness level, preventing the body from reaching a state of plateau and encouraging optimal fat loss.

12 PT’s @ £19 per session – £230! The Ultimate Forge Package!

Make personal training a part of your lifestyle! Guarantees long term success by continual motivation, long term goals and regular personalised training programmes. Includes:

  • Nutritional Coaching & Guidance
  • Lifestyle Review & Guidance
  • A Tailored Exercise Programme
  • Ongoing Text & Email Coaching


Choose your membership type and purchase via a Credit or Debit card. Once your purchase is complete your available session credits will show on your account. Payments are securely processed via Stripe, one of the most trusted online payment gateways. We do not have access to your card details, we simply collect payment. 


Memberships are purchased per month. However we understand you may not always be able to use your session credits within the 4 weeks, so each membership block is valid for 5 weeks. 


Each time you book a personal training session you use up 1 Credit. You can check your available credits on your account and also view your schedule to see your upcoming sessions. If you cancel an appointment, the credit is automatically added back to your account to use in the future. 


Classes can be canceled up to 4 hours before your session starts. When you cancel you get a session credit, not a refund. You can then re-use your credit when you book again.

iOS – iPhone/iPad

Visit The Forge App Website Link , tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen. This will open a new menu option that includes an Add to Home Screen option. Tap on this icon, and then choose to enter the name of the shortcut – Forge PT. When you are done, tap Add to put the shortcut on your iPhone homescreen.

Android  Phones/Tablets

Launch Chrome for Android and open The Forge App Website Link . Tap the menu button and tap Add to homescreen. You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.