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Have some burning questions about training at The Forge? Our handy FAQ below should help, but if you're still unsure then just pop on over to our Contact page and drop us an email.

Great question! Personal Training sessions are £25 per hour. We also offer block bookings; 4 Sessions @ £95 and 8 sessions @ £190. I believe, and my clients believe this represents excellent value for money. I’m a qualified Fitness Instructor, British and Irish Weightlifting Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Nutrition Advisor, however beyond qualifications I am truly invested in every single person that walks through The Forge doors. I’ve been 100lbs overweight, I know the daily battles and the low self esteem that comes with being that size….and I defied the odds in changing my life. Now I change other peoples lives, I don’t just help them lose weight, its life changing, I improve their posture and mobility, help them feel strong and powerful, and build their confidence.

I treat my clients how I would like to be treated the first time I stepped into a gym weighing over 100lbs more. I live and breathe Team Forge, and I’m dedicated to seeing you achieve every goal you set.

Each member can download The Forge app which allows you to setup your own account, book PT sessions, check your schedule and also keep in touch with Coach. When you sign-up you simply choose how many times a week you would like to come and pay for that either in-person or online. There are no set-up fees or cancellation fees, no mumbo-jumbo legal jargon, joining The Forge is a breeze. Either pay per month/per week or per PT. It’s simples.

I’ve been asked this a few times, funny enough, never by clients, but always by other Personal Trainers. It’s the ‘done thing’ in the fitness industry to take classes and bootcamps, however I’ve found with experience that 1-1 always yields the best results. It means I get to work with you long-term to build a personalised program that will help you achieve your goals. Making improvements in your mobility, strength, conditioning, confidence and self-esteem in a safe, private, and non-judgemental environment.

I don’t want to see a client one week and never again. I don’t just have clients, I have friends, I forge a partnership with you and I’m with you every step of the way to see you smash your goals….so for that reason I’ll leave the bootcamps to everyone else!

There are photos of The Forge studio all over the website my friend. However to save any surprises it’s best for me to say my private training studio is actually in my home. I know, you’re thinking, why haven’t you moved to a rental unit or some fancy big building….but my studio is the size of a rental unit, with shower and toilet facilities, it’s also at the back of my home, so noise is never an issue, and it kicks ass! There is also off road parking available, a protein and supplement bar and water facilities if you forgot your water bottle.

I have trained hundreds of clients at The Forge studio, it is fully insured and has every piece of kit imaginable. However if you feel you need a 3000 square foot facility to train, you are welcome to train elsewhere. But if you would like a compact, private studio with a qualified PT who is truly invested in your healthy and wellbeing, well then it’s time to get in touch!