What to expect at The Forge
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Mobility & Posture

The Forge is a private 1-1 Personal Training studio. We work together in complete privacy, there’s no judgement, no embarrassment, because I’ve been where you are. I’ve been over 100lbs heavier! I focus on pure functional strength and conditioning training, completely tailored to your fitness levels, goals, and abilities.

Losing 100lbs in 2013 kickstarted my passion for living a healthy life, and passing my knowledge onto others. I’ve since lived and breathed fitness, weightlifting, strength and conditioning, and nutrition. I’m a qualified Weightlifting coach, Nutrition Advisor, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and in late 2016 I was handpicked to be a part of the National NI Weightlifting Coach Development Squad. Each session at The Forge includes technique refinement where we take a strength movement, break it down and improve your technique, so you’ll move better and feel better.

Ask any member of Team Forge and they will tell you I’m obsessed with ‘movement’! I even give my clients ‘homework’ to empower them to live healthier and perform better through better mobility and posture. I have clients who couldn’t touch their toes, or get off a chair easily, that now train 3 times a week and are more mobile than people half their age! Implementing mobility training is one of the best things you can do for your body…which is why I incorporate this into every Personal Training session!

Variety really is the spice of life, but unlike many bootcamps or general fitness classes, it’s not just random movements picked out each week to fill time. I assess your movement, mobility, goals and abilities to create an individual program to improve all areas of your body, from posture to strength and flexibility. Each session is carefully programmed and planned in advance to ensure we are working towards your unique goals. I do not have a ‘one size fits all’ program, I am only interested you, you’re unique, you deserve Personal Training that not only helps you become healthier and fitter, but that’s also fun and challenging every single session!