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8 Reasons you need a Personal Trainer

We all need a little help with exercise and diet sometimes, whether we're just starting out or we've been at

Why your PT should know about mobility

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Working towards your fitness goals should never just be about aesthetics, and never at the expense of the most important

Almonds: The weightloss life-saver

Most people shy away from nuts when trying to lose weight... But you really shouldn't! Almonds got me through a year

Why I hate the word Cardio

...and yes I always look like that when I lift! I have this one client (she'll recognise herself when she reads

Boost your metabolism with Cinnamon

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How Cinnamon can Reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness  Cinnamon is obtained from the inner bark of several trees, and

3 Mobility Tips for Office Workers

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Chair. Desk. Computer. 8 Hours..... Does that sound like your working day? You're sitting for long periods hunched over, with your